Immigrant News

There are more immigrants of all nationalities, religions, and cultures in Los Angeles than in any other city in the United States. 

1 in 3 Angelenos are foreign-born. • Nearly 60 percent of children have at least one foreign-born parent.

Immigrants are an essential part of our culture, making up 36 percent of the County’s total population of over 10 million. Nearly 50 percent of L.A. County’s population identifies as Latino while about 15 percent identify as Asian American or Pacific Islander (AAPI). Nearly 27 percent identify as white and about 3 percent of residents identify as Multiracial or Other. About 8 percent of L.A. County’s population identify as Black. The origins of foreign-born Angelenos have shifted. Of the foreign-born Angelenos who migrated more than 30 years ago, 42 percent came from Mexico, 8 percent came from El Salvador, and 6 percent from the Philippines. Of those who migrated less than 10 years ago, only a quarter come from Mexico, 11 percent come from China, and 8 percent come from the Philippines. Immigrants are long settled in L.A. County and have established families. Approximately 60 percent of children have at least one parent that is an immigrant. One in five people in the County is undocumented or lives with someone who is. for more information please visit the link below.


Immigrant Dating in Los Angeles:

It is hard enough to find love in a country you were born in and even harder being an Immigrants in a country you know nothing about the food, culture, religion, a minority, or attracted to the opposite sex. The barriers are endless. The number one thing most people think of an immigrant is; immigrants only want you for a green card without giving you the chance to get to know you. It is important to ask those questions before meeting in-person when you are on a dating site. This will clear the way for any uncomfortable questions on your first date and make the date goes more smoothly. 


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